Aerial view

Velipoja beach is a gem of the Albanian nature, where the sea, river, beach, forest, lagoon and mountain are harmoniously combined. The development as a public beach was spontaneous, without any urban and landscape planning. The main reason people go to this beach is to experience the nature. There should be much more effort in the conservation of the unique ecosystem there. The concept of a more sustainable development suggests creating high density zones and alternating them with the natural environment, thus creating a quality space, where the city and forest collide.
It is important that the buildings have as little impact as possible on the nature. As the title »In the Woods« indicates,the buildings are under the trees. The use of wood as a building material is preferred. Through the rapid, simple construction and dismantling of the objects high flexibility is possible.
To increase the density hotels are needed. They have a lot of infrastructure and they are pleasant to live in in winter too. The concept is a hotel integrated into the landscape. The trees ›pierce‹ the hotel, creating courtyards. Through opening up the facade, the inside becomes the outside. The form of the hotel refer the organic structure of the landscape.
The modular holiday houses are built through the assembling of space modules and custom made passageways special for each site. The modules have a dimension of 3 m x 4 m and bathroom module 3 m x 2 m. The modules can be freely positioned within certain areas without disturbing the trees.