Creative process reaserch

The idea for this project originated from the desire to provide more space for young artists and designers in Belgrade. The goal was to create a unique, artistic space, that would be flexible for different types of usage, due to the current situation, that there are not enough ateliers and exhibition spaces for students of the Academy of applied Arts, the Academy of fine Arts, as well as the Faculty of Architecture.
A free-form building, that would provide a high extent of flexibility, was to be accomplished. The site is located in a green area close to the river, but also near to existing university buildings. A short research – creative process, multifunction, flexibility, organic form, managing of light and view – developed the project further.
The inspiration for the building’s interior and exterior appearence were water and caves, so that the whole object could be considered being in the spirit of nature. The spaces created inside the building are free-formed, flexible and adaptable for different activities, such as drawing, painting, working on an computer, resting, teaching and exhibiting art.