Perspektive Haupteingang

Inspired by natural geometries, biological settlements and maritime micro-organisms the building’s complex design results in an organic skyline, defining the landmark character of the new museum and establishing its very own unmistakable identity. As in many micro-organic systems of biological species, individual appearances vary slightly, yet remain clearly recognizable. In this instance no architectural priority is given to any of the three key functions, a certain ambiguity shall be interpreted as a sign of equality.
The crossing-over of functional boundaries and blending of different groups of users as well as the museum’s distinctive architectural expression are intended to create public interest and raise the awareness and appreciation of natural science.
The ›Science Buster‹ project focuses on creating a vivid and diverse place of interest, a museum that does not restrict itself to a mere exhibition area for existing artefacts, but strives to offer a high quality interdisciplinary space for scientists as well as students and their teachers to research, study and experiment, while simultaneously providing interested visitors and curious discoverers with the facilities for social interaction and science-inspired exchange.