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With his building Peter Behrens defined a large part of the inner city of Linz. 2009 the city of Linz purchased the 80.000 m2 area from Austria Tobacco. The factory is now under preservation. The city Linz founded the company »Entwicklungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH« after the purchase. Since the purchase the tobacco factory is converted into a venue for culture.
»Why the decision for a textile factory?« On the one hand my decision was based on the historical background. The site of the present tobacco factory was the location for a wool & carpet factory. On the other hand a big textil production facility is missing in Austria. The area covers 30.000 m2, it offers a huge space for a lot of functions. My idea is to create a fashion town with a university for art & fashion, where the students learn all about the fashion industry, starting with the theory of materials and the history behind the cut of clothing. They should also practice learning by doing – the students should work (internship) in the factory and in the design studios. The motivation is to produce and sell their designs to the factory. The factory itself is planned as a very open environment, with big galleries and balconies and an open door policy. The design studios are connected with the production area to establish a close relationship between design and production.